Features & Benefits

Web-base POS
It has a built-in POS system that integrates reservations, kitchen management, store table management and delivery status in online order management.
As it is a crowd-based web pos, there is no need to purchase additional equipment.
Online Order Management
With direct orders online and direct payments, there is no need to pay high commissions to broker companies. Our own online ordering system can provide better customer service.
Self-Ordering Kiosk
If you buy a monitor that supports a touch screen, there is a built-in unmanned terminal program that can be operated immediately regardless of the number of devices.
Kitchen Management
By supporting the kitchen management control panel, you can manage all orders and cooking status in the kitchen. In addition, customers can also check the cooking status of food through text messages.
Customer Management,Email, text marketing
Before Corona, it was possible to operate a restaurant without the customer's personal information (email, cell phone number). However, in non-face-to-face sales, the most important thing is the customer list. This is because all communication is automatically managed by email and text message.
Delivery Management
When an online order is received from a customer, there is a built-in program that calls a waiting delivery man. You can directly manage the delivery cost and delivery person.